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PHASE-XS - The New Market Solution For Biologics and Biosimilars

PHASE-XS - The New Market Solution For Biologics and Biosimilars

Coherent Market Insights, a market intelligence and consulting company, has developed an easy to access database for companies interested in biologics and biosimilars. This database, called the PHASE-XS, includes complete clinical and market related data for respective molecules in phase 3 and 4. PHASE-XS helps you to stay updated with respect to the pipeline developments. Information related to trial design, current phase, patent expiry, indication, technology, therapeutic category, approved indications, end point analysis, research locations, dosage, physician-administered or self-administered, route of administration, update, reimbursement, addressable patient population, and more of key data is included in the PHASE-XS.


PHASE-XS, a market solution for biologics, includes clinical information about phase 3 and phase 4 products for biologics (excluding vaccines) and biosimilars.


So, if you are interested in knowing your competitor research design, biosimilar opportunity and product competition in near future, click on the below link for more details on PHASE-XS.



Benefits of PHASE-XS:

  • Identify the potential competitors in the future.
  • Identify target products for biosimilars through patent expiry of biologics.
  • Identify if there are any studies for the extension of indications of already approved products.
  • Identify the white spaces.
  • Identify the products with significant revenue opportunity.
  • Identify an ideal trail design with a competitive edge.
  • Actionable market forecast.
  • Identify the addressable patient pool.


The database can be accessed through subscription service and is available in accessible format for the clients to decipher the data easily.


It is critical for a biopharmaceutical development company to analyze its competition as more and more companies are now gaining more interest in biopharmaceutical products. Several SMEs and start-ups are focusing on developing novel biopharma therapies for rare diseases, cancers, neurological diseases, and other chronic ailments. Moreover, generic players could eye for potential biological products going off-patent in the near future.



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