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FSANZ approves Use of Reb M Stevia as Intense Sweetener

FSANZ approves Use of Reb M Stevia as Intense Sweetener

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approved the use of Reb M Stevia as an intense sweetener, according to a report published on January 29, 2019.

Ingredion’s BESTEVIA Reb M Stevia leaf sweetener was produced by SweeGen, for use as an intense sweetener. On completion of a detailed risk assessment, FSANZ came to a conclusion that there were no public health or safety concerns associated with the sweetener.

It is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener, which has a clean, sugar-like taste, without any bitterness like other stevia sweeteners. Stevia leaf is the raw material with which the production process starts and then, a patented bioconversion process is used to achieve high quantities of Reb M, which is economically not attainable using conventional stevia extraction methods.

 Wendy Pasco, Marketing Manager, Ingredion ANZ said, “Ingredion is now able to support our food and beverage customers in Australia and New Zealand as they work to meet consumer demand for reduced and no-sugar products made with our new, high-purity, great-tasting stevia sweetener.”

SweeGen is a California-based sweetener company that is focusing on developing and producing non-caloric and non-GMO sweeteners for the food, flavor and beverage industries. Ingredion is Sweegen’s exclusive global distributor in all markets. Currently, Ingredion distributes BESTEVIA Reb M stevia leaf sweeteners in North America, Colombia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, and additional countries, as regulatory approvals are granted in these countries.

Moreover, in March 2017, the U.S FDA issued GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) No Objection Letter for BESTEVIA Reb M stevia sweetener of SweeGen and Ingredion, for its use as sweetener in food and beverage applications in the U.S.


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