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CAR T Cell Therapy - Autologous Cancer Therapeutic Combating Toxicity

CAR T Cell Therapy - Autologous Cancer Therapeutic Combating Toxicity

Cancer immunotherapy aims to eradicate tumours without the toxicity associated with conventional cancer treatments. Tumours supress immunity by evading host immune-response. Strengthening immunity is the most appropriate treatment to thwart nasty cancerous tumours. Immunotherapy focuses on strengthening the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer. In CAR T Cell therapy, T lymphocytes (T cells) are collected through blood samples and genetically engineered in laboratories to produce Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) on their surface. CAR are proteins that allow T cells to recognise an antigen on a target tumour cells.

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Increasing incidence of cancer in the U.S. and Europe and rising expectation for a reliable smooth treatment will generate a lucrative revenue for CARTs market. Advanced research techniques, strong economy, robust infrastructure further enhance the potential of these countries as pockets of massive growth in the near future. Car T cell therapy researches have been fairly successful in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), multiple myeloma, neuroblastoma, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and other blood-related cancers especially in children. Asia Pacific, spearheaded by the advanced technological research infrastructure in Japan is expected to position the region as a lucrative market post–commercialization of the product. However, low prevalence of cancer and high cost of the therapy are setbacks for market growth in these regions.

Prominent companies pioneering in commercializing CAR T cell therapy are Novartis International AG, Juno Therapeutics, Kite Pharma Inc, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc, Colgene Corporation and many more.

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Product launches in pipeline expected to boost the market

Currently, CAR T cells therapy is available only to patients on clinical trial, though with clinical evaluation growing exponentially two companies Novartis International AG and Kite Pharma Inc are in plans to register their respective products, CTL019(anti-CD19) targeting lymphoblastic leukaemia in paediatrics and Kte-C19(anti-CD19) with B-cell lymphoma, in 2017. Juno Therapeutics hit a roadblock in launching JCAR015, a product targeting adult patients due to death of five patients under clinical trial due to therapy-induced cerebral edema. Recently, Novartis shut its cell and gene therapy unit, apparently an unexpected move.


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